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Life plans are as unique as fingerprints. The development of bucket list goals is a life-long journey that is determined by one’s individual interactions with the world in which they live. Even if it were possible for two people to live the exact same life, the experiences would still be subject to each person’s unique interpretation.

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We all have those big, shiny life goals we’d love to achieve. A bucket list is more than a “pre death” list but ultimately it serves as a guide for our living life plan! Perhaps we don’t know exactly what they look like yet, but we know we have them, and we know we want to achieve them.

Got a Life Plan? Have you given much thought to putting together a life list dedicated to the things you want to accomplish in your life plan? It isn’t very fulfilling to shuffle our way through life for years on end and suddenly find ourselves nearing the end of our life with no life list or anything else to show for it.

In life, we must not only set goals to accomplish our bucket list life plan but we must be proactive in reaching them. When obstacles emerge, it is important to overcome them and keep going. Only then will we make it to our final destination.   

No matter where you are at with your bucket list life goals, whether you’re trying to find out exactly what your life goals are; have personal goals, but don’t know what the next step is; or if you want to make your goals even more powerful, in this article will show you numerous battle-tested guidelines that you can use immediately to map out your life goals and start on the path to making them reality.

Your Bucket List Life Goals Won't Come to You in a Big Epiphany.

Forget what you see in movies and read about in some entrepreneur magazines—there is no massive eureka moment where we suddenly realize what we were always destined to do. These types of naive recollections are usually dolled-up by the passing of time. Our life goals are slowly sculpted out of the effort and time that we put in towards them.

What this means is that although you might set a bucket list goal today, what it looks like when you achieve it may be significantly different than what you originally envisioned.

This is okay.

On the other hand, you may plan and march straight towards your bucket list goal and have it occur exactly as you planned. There is no wrong approach in this case.

Our Bucket List Life Plan Should Reflect Our Passions.

Our bucket list must be things that we are passionate about. Avoid the need to ruthlessly cast aside one of your passions because you don’t see the instant gratification associated with it. Our life goals ought to be something we will never quite shake; they are that dream we always have, that little nagging thought in the back of our mind.

When our bucket list life goals reflect our passions, we significantly more committed to them. It’s for this reason you should avoid making big bucket list goals that don’t mean much to you. Seems obvious, but when your life goals aren’t relevant to you, you will give a half-hearted effort in their pursuit and it becomes awfully difficult to get motivated.

Your Bucket List Life Goals Should Be Bigger Than Yourself.

No matter what our life goals may be, you can make them exponentially more powerful (and that much more likely for you to go after them) by making them bigger than yourself. When we think of our bucket list as the blueprint “life list,” It will include more than just sites to see and food to taste. 

I recommend everyone explore making their life goals in line with the four puruṣārthas (Sanskrit: पुरुषार्थ; “object of human pursuit”). They are:

  • Moksha (spiritual values, liberation)
  • Dharma (moral values, ethical living, righteousness)
  • Kama (psychological values, pleasure, love)
  • Artha (economic values, health, and prosperity). 

What does this mean precisely? It means that your bucket list life goals should benefit yourself, others, and the greater good. By doing this you are making your life goals a mission, and these are considerably more powerful than your average goal. By going after your goal, how can you inspire others? What can you add to enrich people’s lives?

Get Started on your Bucket List Life Plan Today!

Bucket List Life Goals Must Be Something You Are Willing to Start Working Towards Today. We are all guilty of procrastination in some form or measure. Every day we think about the amazing things we’d like to do with our lives, but never quite get around to doing. This is partly human nature: we are conditioned to find the path of least resistance, and doing nothing is the easy way to do things. 

Part of us also wishes it wouldn’t take the work required, that our life goals could simply be bestowed upon us. This is fair as we live in a culture that advocates we should do everything right now and painlessly.

The reality is this: Our life goals take work. You have to commit to them, and work your butt off to achieve them. There are no genies or second-chances. When you do have your life goals in mind, start working towards them right this very moment.

Why is it that so many people don’t bother to write down any bucket list goals for their lives?

Thought patterns that will hinder the Steps to Reach Your Bucket List Goals

  • “I already have goals!” That’s what most people say. However, those so-called goals are merely empty wishes or dreams. They are unspecific things like wanting to be happy or rich. Those are vague and are just words that are said so often that they don’t have much meaning or impact. A true bucket list goal is something you write down in detail and keep it where you can “see it”. Otherwise, the busyness of life will distract you from remembering to take the necessary steps to reach your goals.
  • Some people may also say, “I don’t need any goals; things are find the way they are.” The fact is that even if this is a true statement, it’s more likely that had you had been following a written goal, you could have been even more successful. For example, maybe you have managed to make money in the stock market without really doing much planning. If you had instead been following some written goals on how to best invest your money, you could have been doing even better! So, the lack of taking steps to reach your goals could have cost you thousands of dollars.
  • Are you are one of those people that say, “Who needs to write down bucket list goals? I got them all right up here.” That’s not good enough. If you write down your bucket list goals they will be something tangible to act upon. If you merely have some ideas in your mind, they can easily become all jumbled up and confusing. Writing down your bucket list goals forces you to actually take steps to reach your goals and helps you to set the pace for doing so.
  • “I don’t know how to do it.” That’s another problem many folks face when asked about goal setting. Bucket list goal setting isn’t that hard. You just need to sit down and think about what you really want in life, as well as what you want to accomplish. That will point you in the right direction for taking steps to reach your goals. Click here to go to Goals 101.
  • Others may think that bucket list goals are worthless because life is too unpredictable to set clear goals. That really isn’t true. If you have taken the proper steps to reach your goals by really thinking them out and writing them down, then even if you do have to change course in life, you will be able to modify those goals to fit those changes.

Put Your Bucket List Life Plan Accountability In Place

Consider a child who wants to steal a piece of candy from the store. He would first be likely to look around to see who is watching. If he notices an adult looking at him, he would be exponentially less likely to follow through with the intended action. This is because he knows he would be held accountable by another person.

As we grow into adults, the choices we face are much more complex than a kid with a sweet tooth. Sometimes self-discipline isn’t enough. That’s what makes accountability so important. When you make others aware of your personal goals, the sense of accountability makes you more likely to be successful in your bucket list life plan.

Get Rid of Limiting Beliefs

Beliefs matter. A person’s system of beliefs is essentially the core of who they are and is linked to personal character, values, integrity and behavior. While a structured foundation of beliefs has the power to keep a person’s soul and life anchored, some beliefs may not only hinder personal growth, but also permanently throw your bucket list life plan off course . These types of beliefs—referred to as limiting beliefs—are commonly overlooked.

People often are not aware that they possess limiting beliefs, much less realize their crippling effects. These kinds of thought habits are a BIG hindrance to a person’sbucket list  life plan. Recognizing these roadblocks and correcting them can be the key that unlocks success in both personal and professional matters which can result in the acceleration of achieving your bucket list life plan.


Some limited beliefs are present in day to day situations, more complex limiting beliefs may be developed by negative life experiences. These limiting beliefs must be transformed into something positive which will produce a successful outcome of your bucket list life plan.

  • “I don’t want to be at work today.” This thought–the belief that a person does not want to be at work on a given day–has the potential to sabotage the outcome of that day’s success.
  • “Every man I get involved with is only going to hurt me.” This belief presents an obvious hazard to the development of new relationships.

Invest in a Life Coach for Your Bucket List Life Plan.

Professional life coaches hold clients accountable for their own success in life. They also have the ability to assist a person when it comes to determining what their limiting beliefs are and how to change them. Life coaches possess skills and execute techniques that can help you change your way of thinking, ultimately landing you on the road to “life plan” success.

Compare a life coach to a personal trainer at the gym. The trainer would be available to assist in creating healthy eating habits and effective workout routines to help a person achieve success in the area of physical fitness. The trainer would be there to hold the person accountable for sticking to the regimen. 

Because people have the desire to be able to confide in other humans, a life coach can help provide the kind of accountability and support that is necessary to achieve success in personal and professional endeavors. Life coaches provide a jump start for reaching the goals associated with individual bucket list life plans.

Ask for Help. Many people would rather suffer in silence then ask others for assistance. If you can not find or afford a trained life coach, then there are undoubtedly people in your circle of peers, friends and family that have something they can offer to help you in your bucket list journey. In fact, more often than not people are incredibly supportive when you have big goals in life. We love seeing those we care about succeed, and if there is something we can do to help them we will.

You need a way to get more structure for your bucket list life plan, and a life coach is dedicated to helping you learn how to fulfill these goals and dreams and put together a living and breathing life list that sums up your total life plan.

If you need assistance getting your bucket list of life together or how to break it down into manageable steps, or help you see your own limiting beliefs, find a life coach. You can save yourself months, even years of trial-and-error by finding someone who has been down the same road before. Attaining your goals in life is much easier when you have a well-trodden path to go down.

Empower Your Bucket List Life Plan!

We all have goals in life. What marks the difference between those who achieve these goals and those who toil in mediocrity is that the former have the goal setting knowledge to take their dreams and hopes and turn them into reality.

Studies have been shown that prove that successful goal setting has inspired people to achieve great things in their lives. If a person has taken the time to sit down and figure out their life plan and write it all down in a bucket list, then they have a true sense of direction, significance and importance in this busy and distracting world.

Setting a bucket list life plan will enable us to be successful faster and not waste time as we travel through our hectic and busy lives.This is what writing a bucket list life plan does. It creates an atmosphere where the right people and resources become magnetized to you – the writer.  Having a life plan is powerful! aims to help you along in that task of creating a life plan and helping you to figure out how to accomplish the itemized things on your life list. It can be very inspiring to have the support of thousands of other members who believe in you and are willing to help you if you get bogged down in accomplishing anything in your life plan.

Making this bucket list plan is like having a roadmap for your life. It makes things go more smoothly and efficiently. People who do this are known for achieving much more than their counterparts who never write a life plan or make a bucket list to follow. This is due to the fact that when you are striving inch by inch to do something you truly desire and believe in, you will create a feeling of accomplishment within yourself that will spur you on to greater heights than you would have done otherwise.