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Over the decades, the majesty and mystery of the city of London have intrigued and inspired many creative minds. But nothing has encapsulated the brilliance that the city reeks more than songs, because as they say, music knows no boundaries, and songs are something that every soul in this world can relate to.

Songs have depicted the delirious rhapsodies of the city like none other creative outlets have, with the passion and intensity that the singers feel for the city, breaking through and making themselves obvious with each instrument played and each lyrical delirium uttered. Every element that the city boasts of, starting from the imposing greenery to the chilly climate, has been registered and touched upon by the songs, some of which, have become famous and some lost to the tyrannies of history and time.

This article lists some of the songs that have tried to capture the true essence of the city in their musical glory!

Hometown Glory

Hometown Glory was written within 10 minutes by the award Nominee singer Adele, who has shot to fame by songs like Rolling in the Deep. It was inspired when her mother tried to persuade her to leave her hometown for university education.

For Tomorrow

For tomorrow is a song by the band Blur, which was written after their return for an American tour that they detested going to. It talks about London, specifically the Primrose Hill in Camden Borough.

Baker Street

Baker Street was a ballad that was released in 1978 by Gerry Rafferty and stayed on number 1 according to the UK top charts while Canada placed it on number 2. The lyrics mention the, ‘overnight train from Glasgow to London for meetings with lawyers.’

Itchyoo Park

Itchyoo Park caters to psychedelic pop lovers and was recorded by the Small Faces in 1967. There are many reports that the song’s name was inspired by Little Ilford Park based on Church Road in the London Manor Park Suburb.

Streets of London

Streets of London” is written by Ralph McTell, and a song that became the singer’s success that sold over ninety thousand copies a day! The song depicts everyday problems of loneliness, homelessness, and the elderly.


LDN is a single by Lilly Allen and has seen success since it was released on the 25h of Septemer 2006.

Waterloo Sunset

Waterloo Sunset is probably the most known song about London. The lyrics are solely about the city, weaving a story around in them. Sung by The Kinks, it is sure to make many hearts fall in love with the song.

Fake Plastic Trees

Fake Plastic Trees is Radiohead’s creation, gaining tremendous popularity on the radio as well as otherwise.


London has a self-explanatory title and lyrics, this song, which is sung by The Smiths, is about London and depicts the city life in a few lyrical phrases that are a treat to the ears!

The Fool on the Hill

The Fool on the Hill is another song that talks about the Primrose Hill. There’s minimal chances anybody would not like this song which is sung by the Beatles.

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