This underrated gem needs to be on your travel, radar, welcome to mojo travels and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 reasons to visit Taiwan. Are you a fan of our videos, be sure to subscribe to mojo, travels and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos for this list? We’Re taking a look at why, according to the independent, this island nation should be at the top of your bucket list, number 10, it’s home to some of Asia‘s best mountain climbing in 2018, National Geographic, dubbed Taiwan quote an outdoor adventure paradise and in these next few Entries you’ll find out precisely why that’s true, we’ll start at the top, which is to say with Taiwan’s mountains, which cover two-thirds of the entire country. In recent years, the island nation has developed a reputation as a mountain climbing hotspot, with no shortage of rugged Peaks. Towering cliffs and untamed greenery to explore from the picturesque Wuling quadruple trail, which takes hikers on a journey across four different mountains to you, Shen also known as Jade mountain the tallest in the country.

Taiwan has more than 200 peaks of at least nine thousand eight hundred feet so bust out. The climbing rope and crampons the adventure of a lifetime awaits number nine. It’S a hikers paradise, despite its reputation among seasoned climbers. Taiwan has plenty of trails for less experienced outdoor enthusiasts that are no less enthralling for a great selection of trails. Look no further than tidal Co National Park, one of nine such parks peppered across the country.

There you’ll find the spectacular tidal go Gorge, an 11 mile canyon, that’s home to the Xu Lu old trail. This twisting three-hour hike is well worth the visit taking you high into the mountains and offering a breathtaking view of Li Wu River and surrounding Peaks. No less rewarding is the hike to the top of you on SOI mountain, whose peak is the perfect place to take in the affirmation. Jade mountain number. 8: it’s great for cycling.

Few countries can be circumnavigated from the seat of a bicycle, but this is another way in which Taiwan distinguishes itself cycle route number one is a six hundred and two mile long bicycle route that begins in the capital city of Taipei and loops around the entire island. The route was officially Naga rated in 2015 and is comprised of quote bicycle paths: less traveled country, roads and busier roads with dedicated cycle lanes. The nine to twelve day journey brings cyclists to some of the country’s most iconic sites from the East Coast’s dramatic mountain peaks. To the beaches of kentang National Park, stop in Taichung for a relaxing dip in a hot spring or spend the night at the Yoho bike hotel built specifically to house weary cyclists as they round Taiwan’s southernmost point number. Seven street food you’d be hard-pressed to find a Taiwanese city that doesn’t have a street food market.

These markets are a staple in Asia. In Taiwan, with its plethora of barbeque, dumplings and noodle. Soups may just have some of the best in the entire continent. Hocking, a mixture of Asian delicacies and mouth-watering local favorites. These culinary bazaars are impossible to miss and even harder to pass up.

Some of the dishes you’re likely to encounter in a Taiwanese Street food market include stewed pork, rice, seafood, skewers, scallion pancakes and an actually delicious dish called stinky tofu. Don’T worry, it won’t be hard to find number 6 tea. Like England. Tea is a big part of Taiwan’s cultural identity. The country has long been praised for its tea making, prowess and production.

Tea plantations, dot Taiwan’s hillsides and you’re, as likely to stumble upon a tea house in the most remote village. As you are in the busiest city, hard core, tea enthusiasts will want to take a gondola ride to scenic Malcolm just outside of Taipei. Consider the tea growing capital of Taiwan. The area is famous for its numerous tea plantations, and it’s there that you can sample pots of some of the best tea on earth number 5. It’S great for backpackers.

Taiwan is home to hostels for every type of traveler from the hard-partying gap. Your kid to the seasoned traveler looking for adventure on a budget. It also boasts cheap and easy to navigate transportation. That can take you from one end of the island to the other in under six hours. In short, Taiwan is a backpackers paradise.

The island nation is awash in clean, affordable hostels that, despite the modest prices, are often cool, unique and quite welcoming. Crystals are generally clean and safe in Taiwan and make for travel experiences that adult backpackers can feel confident signing up for number four beaches. No trip to this island nation is complete without a trip to the beach for ten surfers. Photographers and beach. Bums alike will find much cause for joy in Taiwan’s plethora of sandy options to the north and east of Taipei.

You’Ll find Lao Mei and fulong respectively. The former is home to rows of instagram-worthy volcanic trenches that are ensconced in greenery, while the latter serves as the site of an annual sand sculpture festival, the likes of which you will need to see to believe. If surfing is what you’re after then look no further than the East Coast, where the waves beg to be ridden and for pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters and ideal sunbathing conditions head to kenting National Park, number three Taipei with so much to see and do in this sprawling Metropolitan capital you’d be wise to get the lay of the land before setting out on any adventures and the best place to do that is from the top of Taipei. 101, the former tallest building in the world. From there you can plan your day, one that will likely include stops at the Magnificent National Palace Museum in the morning and the historic longshan temple in the afternoon to go back in time.

Visit the quaint and educational, historical avenues, bopd al old street and ten che old street and for a feast for all the senses, look no further than Shu lien night market, the largest in all of Taiwan. You could easily spend your entire Taiwan trip just in Taipei. Number two public transportation is excellent, affordable, fast and stress-free. That’S the best way we can think to describe getting around in Taiwan. The country is home to multiple train networks that can take you to and from all the major cities, including a high-speed rail network that carries passengers from one end of the island to the other.

In less than two hours. Oh, and did we mention it’ll only cost. You 50 bucks in the cities you’ll find that the best way to get from point A to point B is by scooter. This is by far the cheapest way to get around other than walking, of course, and it’s a great way to experience the city like a local, be careful, though, as city streets can get very busy number one. It’S relatively inexpensive.

Okay, you probably saw this one coming after all, we’ve already spoken at length about how Taiwan is one of the most affordable places to visit in all of Asia. Budget travelers can get by with as little as thirty one dollars a day with food and drinks. For one costing less than twelve dollars and the average cost of accommodations coming in at around nineteen dollars per day, mid-range travelers should expect to pay eighty four dollars a day when accounting for accomodation food, transport and entertainment, food and booze are especially cheap and we’re not Just talking about street markets, either the average restaurant charges less than five dollars for a bowl of hearty beef, noodle soup start saving now and you’ll be in Taiwan. In no time do you agree with our picks check out this other recent clip for mojo travels and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos.

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