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Overview of Hong Kong in china

Hong Kong in China

Hong Kong offers an unusual blend of natural beauty and advanced technology and is one of the most sought-after bucket list adventure destinations in the world. This city has something for adventurers from all walks of life and of all age groups. This amazing city is flooded with skyscrapers that seem to kiss the sky as well as historic trams that roar through the central part of the city.

Bucket List Trips of a lifetime

Bucket List Trips of a lifetime

What’s your idea of a bucket list trip of a lifetime? Is there one location you’ve always wanted to visit or a particular activity that remains top of your ‘must-do’ list? For me, it’s got to be the chance to follow the trail taken by Che Guervara on his famous motorcycle tour of South America. …

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colorful beach homes goa india

Go to Goa

A tropical paradise located on the west coast of India, Goa offers some of the best beaches in Asia. Goa was once the destination for hippies and other counter-culture devotees who wanted to drop out of the commercial world. That element still exists here, but another side of Goa has emerged. This is a side …

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The Complete Guide to Phi Phi Island, Thailand

Last year over 10 million tourists flocked to Phuket, Thailand in search of the perfect beach, delicious food and the perfect exotic vacation. And while Phuket has the beaches, the food and the feel of paradise, it has also developed tremendously fast in the past few years and is struggling to keep up with the …

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