A tropical paradise located on the west coast of India, Goa offers some of the best beaches in Asia. Goa was once the destination for hippies and other counter-culture devotees who wanted to drop out of the commercial world. That element still exists here, but another side of Goa has emerged. This is a side that is flashy, hip, and endlessly fun. Goans enjoy the highest per capita income in India. Its well-heeled inhabitants live a luxurious lifestyle, shopping at designer retail stores for their clothing and household goods.

beautiful sunset on Goa inda beach
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Take it Easy

Goa may be the smallest state in India, but it enjoys a vibrant lifestyle. Its location on the coast gives it beautiful beaches that draw millions of tourists and bucket-listers from around the world each year. Even travelers from within India flock here to experience firsthand the Goa slogan: Take it easy.

This is easily achieved in Goa as the entire state exhibits a rather relaxed, ‘anything goes’ sensibility. The Portuguese occupied the region for nearly 500 years and their influence can be felt throughout. Goa has a varied and rich past with a large number of cathedrals and Christian architecture, and although it is India’s smallest state it boasts one of the largest Christian populations. 

 Portuguese architecture in Goa India
Image by Mittal Patel from Pixabay

Many Goans are Catholic and it is not unusual to find Hindu temples and Catholic churches standing in relatively close proximity. The Portuguese influenced the language and architecture here as well, making Goa a fascinating destination that interestingly blends two diverse cultures. The lifestyle is so laid back here that anyone can feel at home.

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The capital of Goa, Panaji offers a breath of local culture topped with a rich ambiance that makes it one of the country’s favorite tourist destinations. Once in Goa, there is no shortage of what to do or places to visit. The state is renowned for its sandy beaches, water sports, easygoing lifestyle, and exotic festivals. Goa also boasts a rich tropical flora and fauna habitat that preserves a wild range of exotic wildlife.

Most holiday packages to Goa are tailored around beach holidays and most flights to Goa transit through Mumbai, but there are also first-class buses that travel between Goa and Mumbai. Goa has a large collection of hotels that range from basic to five-star ones which offer superb amenities of luxurious standards. You can always find cheap flights to Goa with a lot of travel companies offering packages and flight deals.


A variety of accommodations are available throughout the state, but most visitors and bucket-listers are concentrated along the bustling coastline. Interesting, and quieter, lodgings can be discovered inland where travelers are less frequent. Anyone wishing to escape the crowds should head inland and avoid the coastal areas. Villas are available for rent to travelers with discriminating and luxurious taste. Although these properties tend to be expensive, they are the last word in elegance and taste, many of them coming with a full staff and hundreds of amenities.

Frugal travelers will find plenty of comfortable lodgings as well, though they may not be as luxurious. Some are former hippie hideaways; others provide gorgeous views of the beach and thoughtful amenities. Generally, speaking there are plenty of options for everyone.

Party Town

night life in Goa India
Image by Anette Kölling from Pixabay

Goa is widely recognized for its pulsing nightlife. Rave parties have become almost commonplace and many nightclubs offer an opportunity to dance the night away. To really experience a Goan party, though, it is necessary to inquire among some of the beachside shacks. Gatherings called full moon parties – though they may happen in the middle of the day – are often kept hushed up to avoid police involvement. Essentially these are underground parties where dancing, music, and good times prevail. Intoxicants are freely imbibed, even the illegal ones, generally making for a wild time. Another attraction is the Silent Noise Headphone Party where attendees dance to the music on their headphones in deference to a 10:00 pm noise ban.

Goa is gorgeous by day and lively by night. It truly has something for everyone, from breathtaking landscapes to wild parties. 

What makes Goa stand out as a perfect holiday destination is that it has a diverse and rich history influenced by being a former colony of the British Empire and the Portuguese colony which emboldens the spirit of the state leading to a flowering, creative and undeviating character of its people. Goa is a place with soul, history and because it’s not so well know, is an excellent place to go to discover new horizons.

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