The Ultimate Bucket List Motivation Guide – 24 Strategies for Unstoppable Motivation

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Learn Powerful and Timeless Methods to Increase Your Motivation and Start Achieving Your Bucket List Goals. Motivation is a tricky thing for those who don’t know how to harness it. We all want to be able to increase motivation whenever we want to be able to. Motivation is a tricky thing for those who don’t know how to harness it. 

No matter how inspiring our Bucket List, motivation is always in flux, some days strong some days weak. Whether we are feeling lazy, uninspired or simply not motivated, there are times in our lives when the last thing we want to do is get up after the things we know need to get done. 

Before a rocket is launched into space, it follows a series of precise steps to achieve blast off. Similarly, when you are setting a goal, you need to go through a specific set of steps to ensure success.

In order to combat giving up on our Bucket List, it is essential to understand some easy ways to increase motivation so that we can compensate for the days that we aren’t feeling overwhelmingly excited about achieving our Bucket List goals.

The problem with most people who have goals is that they focus only on the end result, and not the process it will take to get there. These same people suffer from burn-out, give up too easily, or become frustrated when things go off-course and they don’t know why.

Building true and lasting motivation is a multi-step process. Next time you are having a sluggish day use any of the following motivation techniques to get that desire burning brightly.

Table of Contents

Step 1: Know Exactly What You Want.

Successful bucket list people of all types have a clear and definite idea of what they want to achieve. Fact is, they know that even the way that they phrase their goals makes all the difference.

Be Very Clear.

Define your bucket list goals so they are precise and simple. Don’t make them “fuzzy.” On your bucket list make your goal clear and concise. If your goal is to surf in Hawaii, then decide which island, and what level of skill will qualify in your own mind as having surfed, and how and when will you attain those skills, and when exactly when will you go to Hawaii.  These are mini-goals that break down your one “surf in Hawaii” big goal into several bite size goals and timetables.

Increase Motivation By Focusing Your Efforts.

Focus on one bucket list item at a time. When we focus our attention and energy on one goal, on one major task, we are able to direct the sum of our power at it. This means better results in faster time. Trying to spread our focus and energy on a handful of things at once only insures that we don’t get any of them done to a superior level. Our brain values order, and that’s what we give it when we zero in on one goal at a time.

In today’s society it is expected that we are supposed to be superhuman multi-taskers. We have bought into the belief that complicated is better. Don’t worry about getting a dozen things done at once—this only guarantees that none of them will, a sure-fire way to douse any motivation you might have. After all, if our brain can’t handle driving a vehicle and talking on a cell phone at once, how can we be expected to juggle a dozen tasks at once? 

As you focus on one bucket list item at a time, and not only will your brain be able to focus all of its power on that one objective, but you will gain a greater sense of control over your life and your motivation levels will thank you for it.

Ignore the Trivialities.

How often have you had a day where it seemed like you were busy, but at the end of the day you looked back and realized you didn’t get much done at all? This is called taking a trivial day. It’s all the little life’s chores that don’t amount much to your overall bucket list goals. Consolidate these tasks as much as possible, and set a specific amount of time during the day for these tasks. Don’t allow the daily grind of life to take over the time for yourself to accomplish great things.

Find a Bucket List Slogan for Your Life.

Have you ever considered having a mantra? Take your bucket list goal or goals, and turn them into your own personal mission statements—“I choose to live with wealth” or “I choose to have an awesome marriage.” You can always find inspiration in pictures and books. I stay motivated through reading about other bucket listers who achieved what I am trying to do. I find many times they will say something profound and I will steal it as my slogan for the day or month or year. There are two things to remember to achieve maximum bucket list slogan motivation: keep it positive, and use it often, more often the better!

Check out our quotes collection to find your own!

Stoke Your Motivation By Talking About Your Goals.

Sometimes sharing the passion we have for our dreams and goals with others is enough to beat the low-motivation bug. By hearing yourself talk about it you remind yourself of how much you care for this awesome goal or dream you have, and more often than not this will be a great kick-starter for your motivation levels.

Dream About Your Bucket List.

Keep visualizing and daydreaming about what your bucket list item will be like when it is realized and becomes your reality. This may seem fanciful but it is extremely basic to how our “spirit” works. We operate on a fuel called faith. Faith that it is possible, and faith that it will happen. In the first century and unknown author said: “Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” So dream it and feed your faith.

Commit and Make Consequences.

Stay motivated to your bucket list by making a firm commitment to undertake one practical step each day towards accomplishing your goal. It does not matter how small or big just do one thing! Conversely decide what punishment you will give yourself for failing to move toward your bucket list goal. I am not talking about self flagellation, I just mean buy yourself a favorite snack and you can only have it when you complete one step or you are denied it when you do not. (of course if weight loss is your goal then I recommend it be something other than food!)

Step 2: Have a Clear and Sustainable Plan to Achieve Your Bucket List.

Bucket listers (that’s you) take their dream or goal and build their own customized plan to achieve it. They know that to crush their dream, they need a custom roadmap to get there!

Get Your House in Order.

Our home life and personal relationships form our foundation. When there is tension or drama in these areas it affects the rest of our life. In a Taoist sense this is called “friction,” and it interrupts our flow. Sort out your relationships, make sure that they are in good order and you will find it much easier to increase your bucket list motivation.

Build Motivation By Shedding the Naysayers.

Achieving great things is difficult enough without having people in our ear telling us that we are wasting our time, that we will never do it, that they didn’t so you won’t, etcetera. Cut and paste these people out of your life if they are not capable of having a positive impact on your life. No matter how strong our defenses, it’s almost impossible for that seed of doubt to not get planted in our minds. Bucket listers must think positive. Challenge all your own negative thoughts, and restore your mind with positive ones. And whatever else you do, stay far away from those bucket list dream squashers.

Make Your Bucket List Public.

Make your bucket list commitment public so that there will be some accountability involved. Do this by telling family members and friends or publicize it on facebook or whatever social sharing platform you use. 

Share your bucket list progress someplace. If you are on a social platform, share it there. Or jump on Reddit and choose a forum to share your progress.

Bucket listers need support. Connect with those who have your same or similar goal or with those who are a support system and will share in the jow of your experiences.

Stop Wishing on a Star.

I still catch myself doing this from time to time. Wishing upon a star to grant me all my bucket list wishes. I figure if I am good enough, or patient enough, that genie will come along and grant me three wishes or at least the winning numbers for the lottery. Of course, this isn’t going to happen, and life is not a Disney movie. 

The greatest power we will ever feel is that moment when we become completely self-responsible for everything in our lives. It’s empowering to know that no matter what, the outcome of our goals relies utterly on ourselves. So it is incumbent on us to be proactive. Don’t just wait for a bucket list item to magically and mysteriously happen, you must make it happen.

Monitor Your Bucket List Progress.

The best way to keep up motivation in the short-term as well as in the long-term  is to keep a bucket list success journal or a bucket list goal book. Centralize your goals, build an action plan, and track your achievements on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, whatever suits you. Building scorching motivation is easy when you are in pursuit of meaningful goals!

Increase Motivation by Crafting Different Battle Plans.

Look for New Ways to Do the Same Old Thing. A simple way to increase motivation is to find varying plans of attack for our bucket list goals to keep ourselves fresh and engaged. If variety is the spice of life, then it’s time to season the heck out of your bucket list goals. Look for variety in the things you do.

If your goal was to lose weight, don’t rely simply on one fitness regimen or diet plan. Scout out back-up plans and alternate options to give yourself a break from your routine when you feel your motivation lagging. You can increase motivation levels simply by trying the same old routine in a new, engaging way.

Relying on one strategy alone puts you in an absolutist position—you either win or don’t. Keep your brain engaged and interested and your bucket list motivation will continue to burn.

Embrace Difficulty.

Sustaining your bucket list motivation is extremely challenging. All too often I have seen people dive head first into things they are super passionate about, only to drop out after a couple weeks, completely burned out. 

The main reason people throw away their bucket list plans is because they don’t see progress quickly enough. They figure that because things aren’t going according to plan right now that the whole plan is flawed. This may or may not be true, but is it worth throwing away your dream? Of course not. 

Accept that challenges are going to happen, and that in the end, they will only make you smarter, tougher, and more successful than you already envisioned. As you stick with your bucket list, even when you find motivation is lagging or lacking, push through it. Your motivation will come back.

Ask yourself: “how can I make this the best thing to ever happen to me?” Many people look at disappointments and see only the negative. Pardon me if this comes across as overly optimistic or gleeful, but you have to find a way to make setbacks and roadblocks work for you in the end. 

Next time something happens to set you back, that derails your plans, look at this disaster and ask yourself – how can I make this the best thing to ever happen to me? Maybe some lifestyle changes, some new friends, a new situation—whatever it is, there is always a silver lining. You just need to be willing to accept it.

Increase Bucket List Motivation by Keeping Your Energy Levels Up.

It’s hard to get excited about our  Bucket List when we are feeling sluggish and apathetic because we have no energy. Here are some energy fixes to help you through the day. When we are properly fueled we are hungry for success and focused only on achieving instead of how lousy we feel.

  1. Get the Blood Pumping. A little exercise, whether it is in the form of a weight-lifting session in the gym, or a leisurely walk will not only make you feel better physically, but the rush of endorphins will give you that little feel-good kick. So go throw around some dumbbells, or hit the sidewalk for a brisk walk and get that motivation going again.
  2. Build Motivation by Taking a Break. Go for some fresh air. Our brain can only focus on something for so long before it becomes tired, and laziness, mistakes and apathy quickly follow. So go grab a relaxing musical or see your friends at the bar.I can’t tell you how many times I took a break only to find I was anxious to return to my bucket list pursuit!

When You See that Motivation Slump Coming, React Proactively.

All too often we are not instantly aware when a slump has set in. We fight it, telling ourselves that tomorrow we will correct our wayward ship. If you are like most people, you won’t right yourself until days, weeks, months or even years pass. Recognize the slump for what it is—a momentary lag in your motivation—and respond accordingly.

Step 3: Earning the Taste of Success.

Lastly, the successful know how to use their victories, no matter how small, to propel them even further, dramatically increasing their chances of overall bucket list success.

Baby Steps!

The first step is always the hardest. Make it small, and make it immediate! Another day you choose not to act is another day you are throwing away. Make it as small as you have to, but make it a step. Then tomorrow, take another step. And the day after that, another.  This method of easing you into your bucket list dream life ensures that you build that crucial motivation day-by-day and keeps it burning.

Increase Motivation by Abandoning Failed Plans.

We are creatures of habit. We fall back into them because they are comfortable and familiar, even if they are bad for us! If something has failed for you in the past, change it up. It’s amazing how many people repeat this mistake in trying to increase bucket list motivation.

Perfection Doesn’t Exist.

Find the middle ground between perfection and just-good-enough. Motivation is difficult to maintain when we expect everything to be 100% perfect. Shoot for 85-90 percent and move on when you’ve hit it!

Get Awed.

A slightly more spiritual way to get your bucket list motivation on par again is to be awed. Going to the beach and looking out at the water, star-gazing under a desert night, or anything that gives us that humbling sense of perspective. From a personal point of view, I’ve found this type of thing to be calming and as already noted, profoundly humbling. Our problems or difficulties should begin to pale in comparison to the vastness of the world and universe we live in.

Reward Yourself.

Even the slightest bucket list progress is worth celebrating. As I mentioned in the “Commit and Make Consequences” section above, victories should be rewarded. This may be a bit Pavlovian, but i think it goes deeper to our sense of a well deserved congratulation. We are living life on purpose and the fact you are able to not just let the events of the day carry you away but fought to do one thing that sets the “jib of your sail” toward a different shore is commendable.

There you have it, 24 easy ways to build your bucket list motivation right now. Whatever your goals, you now have the tools and techniques to take your life to the next level. I want to see you utterly crush your bucket list goals.

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