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If we don’t make a planned bucket list for our life, then the events of our life just kind of carry us along and deliver us to death’s door. I don’t think that necessarily means a wasted life, but I want to live on purpose. By creating a bucket list of life goals, I want to experience as much as I can, to grow as a human, and explorer and spiritual being.

Table of Contents

Kicking the bucket

I have a fair amount of grief in recent days. My wife’s best friend unexpectantly passed away at the age of 61. One day she was talking and laughing and then the mystery of death took her to whatever is on the other side. We have been left with the selfish heartbreak of loss and it has been a time for me to reflect on what I yet desire to accomplish before I exit this stage of life. 

Our recently deceased friend had a simple dream or desire to go to Florida. Not sure why this was her lone item on her bucket list, but it was. She never made it. She was impoverished and living on the sparsest of fixed incomes. 

I myself am not wealthy, though I had the advantage of a fine education and a stable and supportive family. I currently work as a driver for a patient transportation company. And in this role, I encounter many wonderful people who are in their final chapter. Many have become dear friends and when they pass I grieve as though a life long acquaintance has died.

“Kick the Bucket” After It’s Empty

As I drove Jay back to his apartment, he excitedly told me of his hopes to recover enough to work with the homeless population in Oklahoma City. He brought a lifetime of experience, having done this in California for decades. He couldn’t wait to begin.

I never saw Jay again. He passed away that very week. 

These are people who had lived life fully yet still had dreams. I believe a bucket list is an “ever-spring” of planning. It gives us a north star to guide our life by. In many ways, we will never know how long our story goes, but the important thing is that we are headed in the right direction.

Bucket List Of Life Planning

A bucket list is more than things to accomplish before we kick the bucket.  A bucket list is a way for us to look at our desires and dreams and figure out what we are willing to work and sacrifice for in this life. 

If we don’t make a plan then the events of life just kind of carry us along and deliver us to death’s door. I don’t think that means a wasted life, but I want to live on purpose. I want to experience as much as I can. I want to grow as a human, and explorer and spiritual being.

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.

Carpe Diem Bucket List

What if each morning when you wake, a huge amount of money, $586,400, was deposited in your bank account. The money is yours and you can spend it any way you want.  The only caveat being no money can be saved for the next day. If you don’t spend it, you lose it. How much of your money will you withdraw from your account and spend every day? Every last penny obviously! 

You do have this mysterious benefactor and wildly exciting bank account. However, the bank account is “life” and your deposit of money each morning is “time.” Every day we are given 86,400 seconds, and each night, whatever was not used or invested disappears. There is no going into debt and no overdrafts. Today everything you decide to do is tremendously significant because you’re in essence trading 86,400 seconds for it. The failure to use this day’s deposit is a loss for you and all who would have benefited from your investment. 

Ask yourself how much of your “bank account” have you withdrawn this past week? Can you affirm you are investing every dime that you have been given? Are you spending your time in order to get the best return-on-investment in happiness, health, and meaning? Life’s a grand gift, so let’s make sure we treasure it and return it back with interest. 

A bucket list item may be in the realm of traveling to some beautiful location like Florida or it may be a desire to help humanity or still others dream of spiritual health, people you want to meet, skills to acquire, and every other thing that might personally matter to you. The key is to “carpe diem” (make the most of the present time) this life. What can you accomplish now regarding your dreams and desires? 

One of my regulars is an 80+-year-old, pastors wife. Her husband has passed away, her brother is in hospice and she herself is in questionable health. Out of the blue, she asked me if I had any tattoos. After showing her one that I have on my finger, she launched into her dream of getting a tattoo. She has always wanted one, and now there was no one left to constrain her from acquiring one. She asked if I might be able to recommend a tattoo artist to her.

I am fairly convinced this is a fantastic bucket list idea. It is within her control and means to accomplish. I fully expect to be with her when she joins the “rebellious youth.” She told me that “back in her day” only the sailors or prostitutes had tattoos. I told her that she could just tell everyone ‘she was a sailor.’

Great Reasons to Start Your Bucket List

Your bucket list enables you to rediscover your enthusiasm and exuberance for life. Beginning any goal or project requires discovering a motivational process in order to overcome life’s inertia. Creating your bucket list will furnish you with a new perception of purpose and meaning, and further serve as an outstanding catalyst to kick-start your goals. 

Your goals will become more manageable with a bucket list to guide you. Our human (or for 3% of those reading: Neanderthal) mind functions most effectively when it is supplied with a list that includes specific goals it can work toward.  Writing your goals down helps you concentrate on the specific task at hand. Life as a surprise party is a bit on the chaotic side. It makes a lot more sense, and life seems more reasonable when viewed like a scavenger hunt. 

Creating your bucket list will make you more mindful and give you internal accountability for what you desire to get out of this life. Keeping a list, where your bucket list goals are visible is the beginning of turning them into reality. We have all made our to-do lists and know that the more I look at my list, the faster the list items get done.  A bucket list works in the same way with our goals. Compiling your bucket list will thwart additional procrastination and help keep you focused on realizing your dreams.

Bucket List Helps Discover Your True Potential

As your bucket list documents your progress and your victories, you will unearth your potential. It presses you to expand and attempt in ways you would never normally. We never know our full potential until we stretch ourselves to discover it. This process of self-discovery inevitably will usher us to some of the wildest and grandest places on earth. 

Fulfilling items on your bucket list can’t help but bring you greater happiness. Contained in the bucket list dreams you already have is the secret to a happier life. As these dreams are transformed into realities, resulting in our instantaneous emotional response called “happiness.” As you achieve your bucket list goals, you will find greater meaning, independence, and motivation. Your bucket list will also bring you simple joy, continued self-improvement, and strengthen key relationships. 

Many bucket lists feel pre-packaged and given to us as though “one size fits all.” However, Bucket List has been designed for you to explore adventures and destinations, document the wildest passions, and check them all off in your own way. Use this website to discover “bliss” in your life. Start a document or better yet write down and keep any thoughts, ideas, comments, and beloved quotes that pop into your mind. If you already have a bucket list write it in the comments section below as a form of public proclamation that you will do it!

What Are The Four Aims Of Life?

I sit here recognizing that our grip on life is an illusion... Yet I must forge ahead to the best of my ability.

I like to think of a bucket list as a blueprint for my “life list.” As you explore this site you will find inspiration to point you in the right direction with examples to help get you started. A key idea from the Hindu tradition introduces the four actual aims or goals of human life. The four puruṣārthas (Sanskrit: पुरुषार्थ; “object of human pursuit”) are Moksha (spiritual values, liberation), Dharma (moral values, ethical living, righteousness), Kama (psychological values, pleasure, love) and Artha (economic values, health, and prosperity). A bucket list should go beyond “go here and do that” to include the deeper meaning-giving and satisfying goals. This will serve as a guide to your life’s own epic poem.

Keep in mind that no two bucket lists can truly be alike because no two people (even twins) are exactly the same. Each list will, however, have the same final goal and objective to remind us that our time is very precious.  Whatever we do with our time should be well thought out. And as you work through your bucket list you may find that crossing each and every item off of may not be impossible, but be strong and courageous in upholding the goal “complete accomplishment.” 

Start your bucket list off strong, keeping in mind that that “well begun is half done.” Be faithfully consistent in your path, be courageous in your pursuit. Most importantly don’t forget to actually live out your dreams so they become more than an unfulfilled bucket list.

How To Create Your Own Bucket List of Life

What is not started today is never finished tomorrow.

To create your own bucket list, begin with this four-step process:

Conceptualize your desires. By creating a bucket list we are effectively visualizing our dreams. As we write them down and keep them in a visually prominent place where we will see them consistently, it begins to seep into our subconscious that “this” is the direction we are headed. Doing this is our first step in beginning to aligning our life with our dreams.

Maintain determination and design a plan-of-action. This is not a race, however, you need to ponder how you can achieve your bucket list goals. Once we have pictured our dreams, we must begin considering how in the world to realize them. Under each item, there will be a list of pre-planning actions needed. Does it involve travel? Will tickets need to bought? Does time need to be set aside to learn a new something? Does money need to be saved? By creating your specific plan-of-action you are well on your way towards the actual completing of your bucket list.

Make the commitment. Your unique bucket list helps you envision your dreams, however,  you will still need to devote yourself to chase them down. It doesn’t matter if it is 100 or only 5 items on your list, be dedicated to accomplishing them. If you are not anticipating your own imminent demise then I recommend doing what I have done in creating life’s “seasonal” bucket lists. The Seasonal List would be things you want to accomplish bere the next big season of your life. For instance, You may want to earn a Master’s degree in Archeology and skydive in Colorado before you turn 40, or you may want to run the Boston Marathon before 50, visit the Great Wall of China or Paris before you are 60, visit all 50 states before you are 70. Creating a “seasonal” bucket list will enable you to successfully accomplish these attainable goals with excitement and celebration. 

Enjoy! Creating a bucket list is a fun and enjoyable way to accomplish your dreams. Though this is a tool for you, it can be an effective dream building tool for your partner, family, and friends. Some of your items may only take a minute or two to plan, while many others can take months and even years. However long it takes to plan, you will find excitement and enjoyment in the process, and upon completion of each bucket list item, you will experience a level of satisfaction and happiness reserved for mythic heroes.