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Welcome to another video of covid 19: let’s talk about how we cannot catch a virus Corona while traveling, and I will also answer the question: Is it better to fly or drive any reliable, spoiler alert? And if you haven’t already, I really recommend watching my previous video on airborne transmission, Because what I say here in this video will make more sense for you. In short, this virus spreads through All three ways: it spreads by contact. It spreads via respiratory droplets that act like projectiles In it is spread by an airborne way, which means that very small droplets or aerosols remain suspended in The air that can be inhaled by another person so that we know about washing hands or using hand. Sanitizer Never touch your face or mask with dirty hands and try to maintain at least six feet.

But this is enough, perhaps not because infection with a respiratory virus like Corona virus in general, Especially in the plane possible by inhaling the virus in a normal face covering

Cap, You wear it like a medical mask or surgical mask that will not prevent you from inhaling this. The virus has been in the air near you recently, as three people have tested positive On a delta flight that was about a two-hour flight. So how does the virus transmit it? Won’T? We really know for sure, because you can’t somehow prove in this case if it has spread Via contact versus respiratory droplets or airborne transmission.

But let’s talk some Things that we know most airlines require passengers to actually wear masks. Starting today, July 20 Delta will now order passengers who are unable to wear a mask due to a health condition Think about staying home and if they insist on traveling, the traveler should complete his health check Before he is allowed to fly the delta. He will finally decide if the passenger will be allowed Traveling without a mask. Now that’s kind of a back and forth game. The right people don’t have a doctor Real all the exemptions from not wearing a mask is just a cover because they don’t want to wear a mask.

So Delta. Understands that and says very well that we know how this virus spreads. So if people refuse Wearing the muzzle due to a health condition, we will have to consult with our doctors to see if it is, They can fly due to their health. So that’s the quirky delta way of saying wearing Mask or not to fly. This is the right thing to do, because you are risking other people’s lives by not I wear one.

I feel I should make a video about this complete medical exemption from wearing Group debate. What do you think Leave a comment below and let me know anyway: some airlines are taking too Other measures to reduce interaction between two people like as not served Alcoholic drinks or skip snacks altogether. Most commercial airplanes. These days have very clean cabin air. Accomplish this By the way the air intake system is set up, they basically have the air pressure passing through T through jet engines, where its temperature is very hot, such as 250 C, hot or Hot 482 degrees Fahrenheit.

I feel hot. I love that song, especially at weddings and cruise ships. The hot air is cooled down and then 450 psi is put into place to be exactly that between the initial hot temperatures And the high pressure, which makes the cabin air very sterile as the bacteria are destroyed, And viruses in that process before the mid-1980s aircraft would Actually use 100 Fresh cabin air, but to save money they redesigned the ventilation systems So that 50 fresh air and 50 recycled air in the cabin. Now it would be better to have a 100 technically fresh air, but due to the high temperatures and high pressure, the cabin air remains Next is very clean and cabin air is exchanged every three to four minutes and he is on The reality, is better than offices And homes that are usually every five to twelve minutes, also with New generations of aircraft that have high-efficiency air filters, which means that These filters filter, recycled air and can trap particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Which is what the n95 respirator plus a rubber mask can now do.
Some would very well say that The virus is only 0.1 micron in diameter or 100 nm, which is true, but most viruses In the air will be in the respiratory droplets, so the bottom line is, if it is the virus In the air about 95 of it Will be filtered with these on-board HEPA filters? The same applies to respirator masks and the virus that remains in the air. It’S not inside a respiratory droplet floating in the air, and we still don’t know if that is The virus is able to keep the infection at bay because it may be dehydrated and inactivated in the process.

So let’s take a look at this scenario. Let’S say a passenger has a virus, Corona probably has no symptoms. I hope he wears a mask. They should be wearing it precisely because it is whether they have them Symptomatic or not. They will expel this virus, especially if they ask to sneeze Until that person expels this virus to a moist cloud that lingers in the air Which would be readily available for their neighbors to inhale.

When someone expelled Drops from the respiratory system, those that are at least 5 to 10 microns in size, those that They will behave like projectiles and fall within 6 to 12 feet of them, if they’re not wearing a mask Respiratory droplets, less than 5 microns expel him. These are the ones that It will stay suspended in the air, pretty much like gas and don’t hate it when someone leaves The plane rips up. Despite what you do hold your breath, you look around for potential suspects, But there is never any conviction sentence and they usually repeat the right culprit and you only We pray that you will be landing soon, but return to the aerosol that is expelled from the i-mouth. If someone wears a mask, it will drastically reduce the size of that wet cloud which will reduce Of the size that that cloud can travel to, but it will not completely prevent the virus from being transmitted in the air. So if no one is sitting near you or if there is someone sitting near you who is not infected with the virus, You do not need to worry, but of course people will be close to you on the plane and it is impossible.

Knowing who has the virus and whether this virus is in the air near you will be generating it. Unless you do the first party and you wear an n95 respirator or flexible ventilator, they both do By filtering at least 95 per cent of airborne particles not exceeding 0.3 in size. Micron is currently recommended by the CDC that the public should not purchase n95 respirator masks and wear them for someone, Because they need to be reserved for healthcare workers. Who I don’t understand.

How can there be a limited supply in the depth of the epidemic? But I digress by the way Amazon will not sell them now. Other reasons why the public is advised Not wearing well, N95 respirators are a must-have for people who wear them. Their composition test means that the mask is working properly so that it can perform its function effectively, Which also means that facial hairstyles are limited because the tight fit can be severely disrupted. Fundamentally, you cannot get any facial hair outside of the area where the n95 respirator would go to The face, so here’s the n95 that you probably can’t and probably won’t be able to Wearing it on the plane and I’m going to get to the swing in a Second, but this is the n95, and this is wire – It’s a solid wire as you bend it around your nose, so it basically secures a tight fit there And you’re not supposed to have facial hair.

So when I get back to work, I can’t even have this and I’m gon na have To shave it, but basically here it would be appropriate to do it tightly here and the proper way to do Doing so is getting a proper test where they spray a Chemical, so dont, hey, you can tell. If you are You smell the chemical? If you can smell it, that means it’s not a good fit. So that’s how we define that These masks are also uncomfortable and it is not practical to wear them for more than a few hours.

But if there’s enough of it to go public, I don’t see a reason Not to recommend it in certain situations, such as when you are in a closed place with other people Like a subway in an elevator or on a plane.

There is also a problem To keep the masks sterile until they can actually be re-sterilized by baking them in an oven on 160 degrees for 30 minutes, I’m not kidding that’s the best and most practical way To re-sterilize. It is 160 degrees, dry temperature for 30 minutes. Instead, if you have seven From these masks around, you can wear a new one every day of the week and for the other, Do not use it. Keep it in a dry secluded place. This way, only viruses and bacteria will die So far.

Cdc says the public shouldn’t buy it, nor wear it, but what you can His do is to get a flexible respirator, which is a reusable device with interchangeable cartridge filters Like the n95 respirator. It also filters out at least 95 percent of airborne particles As small as 0.3 microns. It fits on the user’s face and is more comfortable than n95, and before reusing this mask, all its surfaces must be wiped with disinfectant on, Although neither of them is perfect, they are very effective in preventing inhaling the virus. Now, if I were to buy one, I would probably go with this large 3M 7503 silicone 7500 series, Because it’s getting great reviews on amazon and I’ll put a link for that in the description below All correct advice.

Number two: I definitely recommend eye goggles that prevent air from blowing in Your eyes, as this is another way for the virus to infect you and you may be able to see Here’s on the side the air can’t get in. So you won’t reach eyes, or at least Likelihood is very low and it is so cheap. These are my inexpensive motorcycle goggles. I have here – And I also have a cheap version of the sunglasses here – only in very sunny and bright weather On the plane as when they don’t pull the window shade shaded and all that sun goes in. But anyway, you can get it from amazon, too, and I’ll link to it below so eat.

That’S now for signal number three most likely those aircraft are above the onboard plane. You’Ll want to turn why
Because stagnant air is the enemy here, stagnant air makes it easy Not only that the virus has to stay in the air, but those jets are actually going to push that air into Down with that plane. So if the virus is in this air, it’s basically going to be pushed towards Earth making it less likely. You will be infected with Tip # 4 and avoid impossible people. You say Yes, but you can get very early flights or red eye flights and think about getting Business class C if you can or better yet party to a private jet.

The number five avoids long-haul flights, because it is The longer the flight, the greater the potential exposure that makes a person more likely to inhale the virus. He is in Truth, is a bunch of factors now. One of those factors is the amount of time you spend in close contact With a person infected with the virus. This is the reason why people live in the same house as a person. Those infected with the virus are more likely to contract it, which is also why they are more likely to catch it.

Healthcare workers so keep that in mind when booking longer trips, so 6th tip, I bring Hand sanitizer is with you, as you will often contaminate your hands and cause respiratory drops For everything. So anytime, you touch something. There is a chance. It will catch the virus on Your hands. Of course, don’t touch your face at least your hands if they are not clean.

This is the same rationale as my last tip number seven, which Bring sterile wipes so that you can wipe the tray if you are using the tray Now to do all these things. Things still do not guarantee that you will not catch the virus.

But it greatly improves your chances of not contracting the virus, and the other nice thing about implementing These actions. Try to look at the bright side here is that they will prevent inhalation. Other contagious respiratory infections are diseases such as measles, tuberculosis and influenza.

Yes, it is mostly influenza Respiratory transmission, but it is sometimes transmitted by aerosol and then there Other viruses cause colds like other corona viruses and adenoviruses, And human metanima viruses, among others, too, Better to drive than to fly Kindly depends on whether you are alone not to Worry just be sure to keep the usual precautions Throughout the ride like when you are taking breaks from driving. You want to wear, Mask wash your hands and all other things handshakes avoid hugs and kisses It’s my sister, but the more people in the car, the higher the likelihood Photo. Someone is spreading the virus. If someone is infected with it, it is better if several people wear in the car Masks and definitely opens a window or two, so you can place this window Down a few inches this way. If the virus is detonated, it flies out the window, and it is Also what you can do when someone allows ripping so which one is better to fly or drive depends Really.

A lot of different factors that you might want to consider is the destination. Does They have a quarantine base there? If you were to fly there in general, I’d say driving, maybe better, Especially if you are going it alone, but as long as you know, the precautions that You can implement them and you will reduce the chances of catching the virus, whether you are flying or driving. Okay, that’s all I have for this video check the airborne transmission video. If you haven’t already watched it I’ll, see you in the next video

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