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You just finished school, You want to travel around the world, But you don’t have enough money. You are young, You are at a loss, But you know you are rich. You have the most precious resource time, But when you’re thirty your time will be Jobs and positions are occupied and then most people will postpone Dream of traveling until retirement, But by then they are old and unable to enjoy the best things about travel. The sad fact is that I have recently turned 30. I can guarantee that you start to slow down.

You don’t have so much energy, So I realized that some trips are something you must do before you are thirty, But whether you have just become a newcomer in society or you are in a mid-life crisis Or like me believing that age is just a number. This video will inspire you to go out and see the world while you can still walk. Also if you haven’t subscribed yet remember to press the subscribe button, Turn on the notification and give us a like, And share it with your friends. Here are the 13 journeys you must complete before you turn 30. Let’s start, First, Be a backpacker in Europe with your friends. I know this is a bit old-fashioned but trust us.

This is really an incredible experience. We did this and I still remember my first backpacking trip with my high school buddies. This is a great experience for rookie travelers Because of the convenient transportation in Europe. Europe is not big, but there are so many things And most passports are visa-free. Most importantly, this is a great trip with buddies.

As you get older. Unfortunately, life will gradually “on track”. Everyone is getting busy and the priority of life appears. It will be harder and harder to find time to travel with friends, But almost everyone dreams of traveling to Europe. So this is a perfect itinerary after graduation and before officially entering society. Before everyone goes away, Travel by train with Eurail ticket Make new friends in youth hostels, learn to say “cheers” in the most languages. Trust me This will be a journey. You will remember for decades. When you were in your twenties, you didn’t have a lot of cash, But you also have a lot of time. This is why you should complete a big trip before the age of 30.

Of course, Europeans can spend their entire career Enjoy one month’s annual leave every year, But in the U.S Once you start working, You will only have up to 2 weeks of annual leave each year until you retire That’s why you should consider taking a look and give yourself a trip for one to two months before sprinting into your career. If you have a student loan, we are not encouraging you to pat your butt Away. We just suggest that you think about it from a different perspective. You may not know what your life is going to do, But at the same time you have more freedom than the future, Its very popular in the UK and Australia [gap year] Before studying and entering society Spend a year abroad.

If you want to know more about how much it costs to travel around the world in a year, Click this card to watch the full movie Gap years are not an option for most people, But don’t worry A big trip, doesn’t necessarily cost a whole year or a lot of money. The key to long-term travel is to control the budget and choose a cheap corner of the world. Only need 25~50 US dollars per day. These places include Southeast Asia, Latin America And the cheapest country, India. Over there You can easily spend a whole month for only $ 1,000 Get up now, because there is no one who is dying in a hospital bed.

I hope I should spend more time in the office before, But what, if you can’t convince your friends to walk with you? That’s when traveling alone, There are very few opportunities in life where you can be unconcerned, No work pressure mortgage, Your family is counting on you to help pay the bills That’s. Why traveling alone is on this list? One of the most important things you should do in your 20s Unless you happen to be divorced, like the movie “, Enjoy Travel by yourself” Embark on a one-year journey to explore the meaning of life. This is also possible.

This will definitely happen to some people. .. I don’t have any derogation. Traveling alone saves you from being constrained by social expectations, Without the guidance of family or even friends.

Traveling alone allows you to discover yourself and discover what you love And, most importantly, it teaches you to be alone. Southeast Asia is great for traveling alone, Its cheap there and there are all kinds of travelers Enjoy beer on the Mekong River Is a perfect way for you to think about the future. For example, when should it be decided when, should it be found a formal job? ..

Wow, ~Wow~Wow, Who said to find a formal job Just graduated before entering the society, you have many opportunities Able to do short-term work to continue traveling. If you want to know more click on this card, You can sail in the Mediterranean, on a private yacht, Enjoy fresh scallops. …Although its leftovers from the yacht owner, But no one cares, You can teach English in Japan Or work as a bartender at a beach bar in Rio. You don’t have to work to live but work to enjoy life and let the flow take its course. For example, when I was studying in New Zealand, I worked in Queenstown for a whole season. Doing some chores Just to pay the rent and buy a ski package. New Zealand and Australia are ideal locations for working holidays.

We will make a related. Video later Will be launched soon, So, if you haven’t subscribed yet subscribe now, If you don’t have a lot of savings and you’re not ready for a 9 to 5 job. Consider a working holiday visa is only for people under 30 years old. So what are you waiting for? And ah, if you are still worried about spending time on working holidays, Will affect your resume?

Please remember that most recruiters also value life experience. Traveling can give you a lot of experience At some point in life. Everyone should enjoy a free soul, No plan, no expectation. In fact, this can be achieved without spending a lot of money. Twenties is the age of reading [, Paul, Soru, ] and [Kerouac] Get your change Pack, your life into your backpack Lets, set off~, Stand on the side of the road and hitchhike up.

Couch surfing Or go to woof.org to find those websites that allow you to spend a day’s work in exchange for a night’s accommodation Hitchhiking from A to B. If you travel like this, you really won’t spend much. This kind of travel is very meaningful. It teaches you how to trust others, Trust yourself and find a way to go forward, Believe that strangers will lend a hand when you need it And understand that when you let go of too much expectation of yourself, your life will give you what you need Embrace.

The surprise of the journey and affirm your life Enjoy this journey because suppose your destination is Marriage and form a family. Then you should start this journey immediately. Good luck and hope you can obey your important partner and hitchhiking and couch surfing with you. If you can find someone who is willing to do that Congratulations~, But, unfortunately, when you are thirty years old, You will first find yourself “old”. The enthusiasm to indulge yourself anytime anywhere is gone.

Believe me, .. I’m just over thirty. What I want to do most now is just put on my pajamas and sit on the sofa Watching, Netflix and taking a bath in the bathtub. This is why you should go to the carnival when you are in your twenties, The crazier, the better Its best if it lasts a whole week, Drink beer at the Oktoberfest Running wild with the bulls at the Bullfighting Festival~Oh, my God, Or go to the wildest carnival On your continent It can be Rio or New Orleans Or Venice in Italy.

Of course, music festivals are fine too, For example, Glastonbury Music Festival in the UK, Coachella Music Festival in California, Or you are going to [Burning Man Day] in Nevada. Just remember: pay attention to safety and hydrate And remember to put on sunscreen Everyone. You won’t be in your twenties forever. Next, up, Walk for love Travel is one of the great ways to meet love. If you meet on the road, there is a big chance that you already have something in common.

You all love to travel, Whether you believe in destiny or not. You can never predict the possibility of any encounter Unless you set out to pursue Our parents met on a Swiss train in 1980. Then, if my mom didn’t ask my dad, she would like to see his map. We might not be here anymore, So go visit. The beautiful exchange student you met in college And next time a handsome guy invites you to go on an adventure Say: “OK”, If you already have an object, Travel is a good way To detect the degree of match between each other, especially when things don’t go so smoothly.

If you already have a partner and want to know a couple, How to travel together better order, this card, Except traveling with a lover, You should also try. “Dirtbag, travel”, “, Dirty travel” means to take all your money and time Spend on one of your favorite hobbies. Usually you sacrifice the comfort of the journey. This term comes from the most avid rock climbers. They will spend months crawling crazy in Yosemite.

The well-known Captain Rock and set up a tent to save money overnight, Whether you love rock, climbing, surfing, skiing or diving. Its all just for spending time Do what you love As you get older work and family will take up more of your time. Interest will become more important, So plan. Now You will be happier and healthier in the future. No matter what you like, Everyone should spend some time exploring in nature.

Everyone should make good use of their legs. Go mountain, climbing rejoice, Go now. You are young and vigorous Mountain climbing couldn’t be easier for you Find the mountain closest to you and go climbing. When you have basic tools, camping becomes very cheap And camping. Will save you a lot of money.

Let you go abroad, go to Machu, Picchu, Gili, Mazaro Mountain or go to Patagonia to admire the glaciers. Speaking of glaciers, you should go quickly while you are still walking. Global warming is bleaching. The Great Barrier Reef, The rising water is flooding. Venice Glaciers everywhere is melting.

Who knows what these places will look like ten years from now, Go now Witness the impact of global warming with your own eyes And learn how to make positive changes from yourself Share. Your first-hand experience with friends who are skeptical of global warming Also tell your family hope. We can be together, Find out how to change To protect these places and let our children Can also visit in person when they are in their 20s. Another traveler is immersed in the local culture. Traveling will almost always inspire you Because it shows you how other cultures think, Unfortunately, sometimes we travel just to travel In order to see more scenic spots, keep walking around to see flowers Keep taking pictures just to check in, But I didn’t see anything in the end.

In your twenties stay at a certain place for at least a little longer, Let you have enough time to integrate into the local culture. The best way to integrate into the local culture is language In Guatemala. Use this opportunity to review the Spanish you have studied in high school Or when in Paris, learn French Or go deep into China’s rural areas and learn Chinese. If you are not good at language, it’s okay Find a family accommodation or take a cooking class Or simply stay in one place. Over time you will become more like a local, Whether it’s a two-week intensive course or a two-year peace volunteer team.

Take some time to immerse yourself in a foreign culture Is definitely worth it. Are you still there Great? We have discussed many kinds of itineraries, But it’s almost certain that even the most experienced travelers Its unlikely that they will all be reached before the age of 30. When you get closer, You will learn to prioritize your life. Lets discuss your pocket list.

This list is before you die. What you want to accomplish At 20, you feel overwhelmed, But the sad truth is not so Our brothers There are nearly 12 friends before they are 30 years old. Unfortunately passed away, We won’t live forever. It sounds sick, but accept that there is an end to life. Will really make you know how to plan How to make good use of your time and money.

The key is to fantasize that you will live forever, But treat every day as the last day of life. Look at the ideas we gave you Plus a few of your own, Ask yourself again, which one You really want to do it before you die. It can be big or small, But pick the dream that is closest to your heart. Make a promise. You will be desperate Before the age of 30 Make it happen, Because if you tell yourself to do it after retirement May never be achieved, We have come to the end of the list.

Lets discuss the end of the twenties And the importance of meaningful travel. When you are young, it is natural that you will travel As something to show off to friends, Show off which countries have been to. But when you run wild in Europe, Taking a selfie in Rio After collecting a lot of stamps in the passport. A sense of emptiness may arise spontaneously. Let you realize that what you want to conquer is not this world, But you Embark on a spiritual journey Regarding tourism as a tool for self-growth, Whether it’s going to Thailand to meditate Volunteer in an orphanage in India Or the most spiritual travel Pilgrimage, walk from Camino To Santiago in northern Spain, The true soul journey will never end.

It will make you clearer When you travel for the first time, the meaning of moving The duality of nature. Although we humans have cultural differences on the surface, Actually we are all the same. Dig the game~You are too far right XD, You are the same as me. Alright, gentlemen and ladies Thanks for watching These are the journeys we recommended to embark on before the age of 30. What is your pocket list?

Share with us in the comments section, And if you have a travel guide video you want to watch If you want us to make it Remember, to share it with us below. If we did make that video, You will be surprised. Well, if you like this video, you know what to do Like Share with your travel companions Subscribe to us turn on notifications At the same time, stay curious and continue to explore. We will meet on the road Bye~

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